Future Cures


our vision

Future Cures is the non-profit arm of PSC Biotech with a vision of providing resources to bring affordable medications to the public. Together with staff and support team, we seek out opportunities where we can play a role in lowering medication costs for existing cures and assist in the pursuit of bringing novel new cures to patients in disease areas with limited options. We aim to support research involving the cure of diseases which currently have none, reagents and tools used with said research, and other related research leading to production, clinical trials, vaccines, cell-based therapies. We openly invite organizations with innovative collaborative ideas to get in touch with us.

About Us

who we are

With over 20 years of medical research experience, we contribute our expertise and experience to the goal of medication access and affordability by providing resources to the medical research world.

what we do

We seek out firms, projects, people, to formulate actionable plans in pursuit of the goals of our mission. Governed by our Board of Directors, the Foundation is an important partner in fulfilling the Future Cures mission. 

our values

We look to support research, manufacturing initiatives, innovative therapeutics, opportunities that will lead to new and better therapies for a wide variety of human illnesses, conditions, and injuries.

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